Our Company

Firewalker Homes are built to last. We start by carefully selecting sites for long-term viability. Then we create designs that suit the community and fit in with the character of each neighborhood. By using building practices that often go beyond code requirements, we craft comfortable, livable homes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build comfortable, livable homes that fit into the community and provide long-term value through quality construction and a commitment to service.

If you find something that's not quite right, our warranty and structural guarantee ensure that it gets fixed, fast. Plus our service center provides an easy way to find the right assistance for any of your home maintenance needs.

We're here for you — before, during and after your home purchase.



Brian Renner, founder and co-owner

 My personal values—integrity, honesty, and a commitment to service—lead me to a career in firefighting. Now those values carry over as the foundation for my business, Firewalker Homes. I put the same amount of passion for service into building homes as I did into my work fighting fires and saving lives.

My philosophy is one of living life to the fullest. I've always had a need for excitement, and I continually quest for knowledge. Over the years, my thirst to learn and experience the world has steered me into adventures such as sailing to Mexico and across the South Pacific to Polynesia. Also, a 3-month bicycle trip across the U.S. provided an opportunity to see our country in a more personal way.

Before I launched my dual careers of firefighting and building, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served as a medic aboard ship. This time reinforced my desire to serve the community and led me into firefighting. The same year, I also began my work in building and remodeling—filling the time between my work shifts by using my mind and hands to create quality homes.

After years of working for others remodeling multifamily properties and improving single-family homes to prepare them for sale, I started my own construction company in 1993. Since then, Firewalker Homes has built hundreds of townhomes and single family houses in neighborhoods throughout Seattle. The people who live in Firewalker Homes are my neighbors. This is my community. I grew up here, went to college here, and I am committed to making it better. And as a native of the Pacific Northwest, I appreciate and enjoy the natural resources and beauty of our region.


Why Firewalker?

As a retired professional firefighter, it is important to me that people see that any firefighter is always ready to step in and help. I chose Firewalker as my company name to remind myself and everyone who works with me that we should always be vigilant and committed to people as we build their homes. 

Neil Larson, co-owner and CFO


Neil was born and raised in Bellingham, where he met and married his high school sweetheart, Kirby. They raised their two children in Kenmore, where they still reside with their dog, Winston. 

He went to Western Washington University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. He then went on to earn his Master’s Degree in Taxation from Golden Gate University. 

Neil has been a friend and business associate of Brian’s for over 20 years, participating in multiple construction projects. Neil brings with him over 40 years of financial experience. With Neil’s background in Accounting and Taxation, his partnership with Brian was a perfect fit. As the c0-owner and the Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for the internal controls, tax and financial reporting, construction financing and cash flow management for the company.

 Neil also has his own CPA and Assets Under Management firms where he assists clients in managing their tax liabilities and also in growing their assets .

In his limited spare time, Neil walks his dog, reads historical fiction and non-fiction, attends Husky football games and Mariner baseball games.

Lori Allen-Lord, project manager


Lori is a Seattle native. After graduating from West Seattle High School, she traveled extensively, lived in many different areas of the Northwest, and made time for her family. Her education includes a BA in Business Management, an AAS in Accounting, and an AAS in Cabinet Making and Kitchen Design.

Lori has enjoyed working in different fields and has pursued varied career paths. She has experience as an aqua culturist, a real estate agent and a supervisor for a remodeling company. To further complement her interests and experience, she obtained journeyman status as a commercial union electrician, and worked in the field for many years. Before joining Firewalker Homes as a Project Manager, Lori had her own company buying, renovating, and selling older homes. With these life experiences and a can-do attitude, Lori is supremely suited for her responsibilities towards Firewalker Homes, their vendors and clients.

Giving Back

As a company owned and operated by a firefighter, it's important to give back to the community in ways that enhance safety and protect neighborhoods.

Firewalker Homes purchases properties throughout the city and repurposes the lots to provide more people with high-quality comfortable homes. Often, this means there are currently buildings on the site. We make these buildings available to Seattle Police Department SWAT and bomb squads for hands-on training exercises and to the Seattle Fire Department to practice search and rescue procedures. These types of activities help keep community lifesavers safe themselves by providing practical experience in real-life settings.

When fire departments, SWAT teams and bomb squads improve their skills and tactics, the community benefits in ways that can't be measured in dollars and cents.

Giving Back