Lori Allen-Lord, project manager


Lori is a Seattle native. After graduating from West Seattle High School, she traveled extensively, lived in many different areas of the Northwest, and made time for her family. Her education includes a BA in Business Management, an AAS in Accounting, and an AAS in Cabinet Making and Kitchen Design.

Lori has enjoyed working in different fields and has pursued varied career paths. She has experience as an aqua culturist, a real estate agent and a supervisor for a remodeling company. To further complement her interests and experience, she obtained journeyman status as a commercial union electrician, and worked in the field for many years. Before joining Firewalker Homes as a Project Manager, Lori had her own company buying, renovating, and selling older homes. With these life experiences and a can-do attitude, Lori is supremely suited for her responsibilities towards Firewalker Homes, their vendors and clients.